Hi, My name is Alana, and I am a birthmother.

 August 5, 1971 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and placed her for adoption, (I was 15 years old.) This was the hardest decision I had ever had to make! I promised that beautiful child that someday I would find her, I was not saying goodbye forever. I finally found her 24 years later by phone on 6/12/96 And got to hold her in my arms again 11/13/96 after 25 years, 3 months and 6 days apart! It was the most wonderful day of my life!

 On August 7, 1997,   my daughter decided to end our relationship.  This

was the second  saddest day in my life.  We now have little contact. I

have a granddaughter that has been born that I have not gotten to meet.

I have started a birth moms email support group for other birthmothers

like myself. It is a place that we can talk about our feelings about giving

our children up, our search efforts, our reunion issues , and also a place

that we can talk about the other thousand things going on in our lives!

We want it to be a place that other birth moms will feel comfortable.

If you are a bmom, I would like to invite you to join our group. It comes

to you by way of e/mail... It cannot be read by anyone that is not a

subscriber and it is only for birth moms. If you would like to join us,

please drop us a note and Mary will subscribe you... (And it is FREE)

EMAIL:  nanaWendt@aol.com Adoptees, I promise that on your birthday, you are always thought of... birthmothers  never forget.
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